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I'm a history teacher who loves all kinds of books.
Marooned in Realtime - Vernor Vinge I read this one pretty much straight through. I like hard sci-fi and I found the premise intriguing. Basically, this is the story of a group of people who have "bobbled" forward in time for various reasons and have all found themselves on the wrong side of the Singularity. They are trying to restart "civilization" with a mere 300 people.

There is a murder mystery central to the plot, but I really enjoyed the speculation about what technology would be like. The characters are all able to take the long view because death has ceased to be a problem and they can move forward in time at will to avoid problems. Of course, being humans they bring war and violence with them.

I highly recommend this book. I like Vernor Vinge's work and his writing about the Singularity, and I thought this was an interesting take on those who may be left behind.